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Heart Smart Centre is served by a small dynamic group of Cardiology specialized professionals, led by our Medical Director – Dr. Claudine Lewis. Our team includes Adult Cardiologist, Paediatric Cardiologist, Cardiac Surgeon, and Internal Medicine Specialist. Our technical support staff include Registered Nurses, Echocardiographer and Patient Care Advocate.

Adult Cardiologist – sees patients with known or suspected heart disease who are age 18 years or older

Dr. Claudine Lewis MBBS, DM

Pediatric Cardiologists – sees patients from newborn to age 18 years old. Our Pediatric Cardiology clinic is held monthly ( usually on the fourth Saturday the month) and is led by Dr. Charmaine Scott or Dr. Sharonne Forrester. These clinics are strictly by appointment ONLY. Please call us to schedule.

Cardiac Surgeon – sees patients referred by the Adult or Paediatric cardiologist who may be in need of heart surgery such as Bypass surgery, Valve surgery, Pacemaker implantation.

Dr. Roger W Irvine MBBS, DM

Internal Medicine – Specialists in general adult medicine, seeing patients over 12 years old with hormonal, lung, intestinal, joint, and kidney and other problems related to the internal organs.

Dr. Maria Walywn MBBS, DM